Bitcoin for the 100%

A look at how Bitcoin is changing the lives of thousands around the world.

Changing the narrative.

Bitcoin has shown us that we create our own paths in the world and we’re not confined by our circumstances. These are the stories of the people who made the decision to take back control of their money and show how Bitcoin is for everyone—the 100%, not just the 1%.

I believe in Bitcoin for…

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    With a newfound interest and appreciation for freedom and time preference, Paco found a way to merge two worlds: Bitcoin and travel.

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    Social change

    Seeing firsthand how powerful it can be, Raúl has seen first-hand how Bitcoin's true potential as a vehicle for social change.

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    Connecting with loved ones

    A retired mother learns about Bitcoin in her free time, and it's completely changed the way she handles her finances.

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    With more than 70% of adults in the Philippines navigating today's world without a traditional bank, James has set out to educate his community about the power of Bitcoin.

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    After facing financial troubles in his childhood, Asbel set out on a mission to do better for himself—using Bitcoin.

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    Bringing life

    In order to restore hope in communities everywhere, Yusuf harnessed the power of Bitcoin.

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    New beginnings

    A seasoned Bitcoin veteran shares her knowledge of profit making tips and tricks with her community and family.

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    New opportunities

    From unemployed to empowered, Hilary has found success in the Bitcoin world all thanks to his friends.

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    From his car to his everyday coffee, Andrey is making big financial moves—using only Bitcoin.

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