Nairobi, Kenya

Asbel Kipkemoi

I believe in Bitcoin for freedom.

Asbel always knew he wanted to be successful. After seeing hardships in his early childhood, he was determined to do better for himself and his family. Bitcoin has changed his life for the better, and he looks forward to the day that Bitcoin becomes a legal tender around the world so people like him can find financial freedom.

A rocky start

Faced with financial challenges at a young age, Asbel knew he wanted better for himself when he grew up. In his childhood home, he often went without electricity and water because the bills were unable to be paid. “We didn’t get much unless it was a necessity,” Asbel explained to us. 

By the time Asbel was 6 years old, his father started his own business. “It took 25 years of grueling startup work to get fairly wealthy and he was always stressed,” he said. The drive and determination Asbel saw within his father stuck with him throughout childhood, and he knew that he wanted to follow in his footsteps to gain financial freedom. 

Side-gig savior

Asbel headed to college in his late teens where he worked towards his Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and Programming. Although his father paid for his college tuition, “I had to pay for everything else I did. I was always broke and stressed,” he said. Once Asbel graduated in 2019, he went to work with his father as a business partner, developing a new side of the family business. After 2 years of hard work with his father, Asbel was feeling unappreciated in his role. Just when he was feeling like he was at a crossroads in his career, a friend introduced him to trading Bitcoin on Paxful.

Just 6 months later, Asbel was thriving on the platform. “I have no financial worries and I’m on track to retire early as long as things continue to go well,” he said. Although he’s still working at the family business, he told us that he can leave at any time and make Paxful his full time career.

A bright future awaits

Bitcoin has changed Asbel’s life in various ways. From more financial freedom in his everyday life to where he stores his money, he’s found that Bitcoin is a flexible alternative. “I store my earnings in BTC because of the fact that banks are becoming unreliable nowadays and therefore it’s very safe for me to keep them in this particular form using online wallets like Paxful,” he told us. 

Asbel hopes that countries will adopt Bitcoin as a legal form of currency so that people around the world can experience the same benefits he’s found. While Asbel remains hopeful for the rest of the world, he’s also using Bitcoin to advance his education right now. “I’ve been able to buy my own laptop using profits I’ve earned from trading, and Bitcoin has made it possible for me to further my studies. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Statistics at Jomo Kenyatta University,” he proudly told us.