Manila, Philippines

James Genove

I believe in Bitcoin for knowledge.

In the Philippines, there are over 50 million unbanked people over the age of 18—that’s more than 70% of the adult population. This reality became a driving force for James to discover solutions that would help Filipinos regain control. “In our country, we have strong mobile phone market penetration. Bitcoin provides an opportunity for these users to own their currency and participate in the global economy,” he told us.

A first among many

For many of us, the first step into the world of Bitcoin is a milestone that will not soon be forgotten. For James, it was during a seemingly normal day at his job in IT. It piqued his interest and while apprehensive, he had to find out more. “It started with curiosity. Then I studied and learned more about it on my own,” he said. As the story usually goes, he was never able to look back.

If there was any hesitation before, it had all dissipated and this new community was giving him a rush of excitement. Around every corner was something new to be learned and eventually, he was sharing with the people around him. “During that time, there were just a few people among my friends and family who had ever heard about Bitcoin,” he remarked. He was one of the first in his circle but he knew he wouldn’t be the last.

Joining the movement

“Bitcoin is freedom,” James said with confidence. Like it was for most of the world, the arrival of COVID-19 introduced a number of difficulties. However, James’ experience with Bitcoin helped him navigate his hardships with a bit more ease. “Having knowledge of it—what it does and how it works—helped me a lot, especially during the pandemic.”

An advocate of education, James made sure to share his learnings with the people around him. “Using what I know and with partners like Paxful, I was able to help others.” But the positive aspect didn’t end there. He was also able to make additional income while doing all of this. He continued, “I also earned money from teaching my friends and community about Bitcoin.”

Now, James and those around him believe in Bitcoin and what it’s capable of. “Bitcoin is a resistance movement. Its resistance against the prevailing system that doesn’t give equal opportunities to all.” What began as a spark for James has grown into a force of empowerment that has leveled the playing field.

Knowledge is power

In the Bitcoin community, we can choose and carve our own paths. The road James has chosen is bright and full of opportunities. “With adoption happening rapidly worldwide, I can see Bitcoin becoming the standard.” James chose to learn and immerse himself into a world full of financial possibilities—for him, knowledge has become his greatest asset. What path will you choose?