Minas Gerais, Brazil

Angela Cunha

I believe in Bitcoin for connecting with loved ones.

Every so often, we’ll hear the media have heated discussions on Bitcoin’s target demographic and there’s never a definitive conclusion. The beautiful reality of this community is that truly everyone is welcome. Bitcoin is for the 100% and among them is Angela, who is 66 years young.

Never too late

Angela first heard about Bitcoin through her daughter and like many, she responded with skepticism and doubt. “Here in Brazil, there are a lot of pyramid schemes and scams. I was sure Bitcoin was one of them,” she told us. Luckily, her daughter was relentless and encouraged Angela to open her mind to new possibilities. Just one short year later, she found herself a believer.

“It was easy and very interesting to explore but what really got me was the people. I met really honest users who were patient and open to trading with me, even at my age,” she said. Having seen the global economy stay the same for so many years, Angela never expected to see her money grow digitally. “The fact that I could deal with real people—nice ones too—gave me real confidence to trade.”

Learning and growing

With her daughter halfway across the world, Angela struggled with sending money back and forth from Brazil. “Before Bitcoin, it was almost impossible. It’s so difficult with a regular bank account because of high fees and the inconvenience of the available options,” she remarked. Fortunately, those problems have become a thing of the past. “When I want her to buy me something in the US, I just send Bitcoin instantly and for free.”

Now a seasoned pro, she’s also discovered other ways to grow her money. “I used to put part of my salary in a savings account and by the end of the year, I would see a very low profit.” Living in retirement, Angela never knew there were alternative methods to increase her finances. “The bank simply doesn’t give me an opportunity to see my life savings in a better place. With Bitcoin, I can get the money I’d normally have in one year in just a few months.”

No limit

Angela may be retired but she’s far from finished with putting in work. Every day, she discovers something new and has found ways to reclaim control of her money. “There is no limit to learning. I’m not a young person but I’m able to trade and make money on the platform,” she said with vigor. From here on out, she’s looking forward and has no plans to stop anytime soon. “Why not join the future with Bitcoin?”