Manila, Philippines

Apryl Albero

I believe in Bitcoin for new beginnings.

When she first discovered Bitcoin, Apryl was skeptical and apprehensive. She began working at Paxful in 2019 and wasted no time in getting acquainted with a phenomenon she had only heard about. “Not even one month in, I was already deep into trading,” she told us. “That’s just how I roll. It’s fun, exciting, and how I can make the most of my earnings.”

A newfound freedom

Enlightened and curious, Apryl challenged the status quo and sought out opportunities she never knew existed. “Bitcoin opened my eyes to the financial ecosystem and how bound people are by restrictions set by central authorities,” she said. The last thing she wanted was for her money to lose miles because of the government.

Eager to learn more, she began looking into ways to increase her capital. “I was never taught about investing. The mindset was to always save money for the future.” Trading was only the beginning. Through community and self-learning, her jog turned into a marathon of finding new ways to maximize her profits. “Instead of having money sitting in the bank, I use my Bitcoin as a form of investment,” she remarked.

The student becomes a teacher

Now a seasoned veteran, Apryl puts time aside to share her knowledge and experiences with others. Like so many in our community, she was the first among her friends to dive into the world of Bitcoin. But it wasn’t long before everyone within her network was making their first trade. “Even my mother, who thought she was too old to learn, has been breezing through Paxful and enjoying the marketplace,” she laughed.

For Apryl, the “peer” aspect of P2P trading is absolutely essential. From the practical benefits to the complicated but amazing technology behind it, she’s become an expert that’s always happy to share how it has changed her life. “Before Bitcoin, I was simply happy to have money in the bank. These days, I always ask myself—what’s next?”

Up, up, and away

As a believer in not only the opportunities but also the problem-solving qualities of Bitcoin, Apryl has a message for those on the fence and in the sidelines: “People who are scared to get into Bitcoin thinking it’s too late or that the price is too high—you’re only thinking of the present. What about when it becomes even more scarce? Think about supply and demand. The price is only going to go up.” For her, it’s an investment for her future and she’s more than willing to be patient with it.

When it comes to Bitcoin, Apryl is all about hard truths and honesty. After all, that’s what it took for her to start trading and in one swoop, her financial trajectory switched gears and she’s never looked back since. “It feels good to know that through my experience in the industry, I’m able to help people take their first steps towards financial freedom.”