Johannesburg, South Africa

Modibe Matsepane

I believe in Bitcoin for equality.

Armed with the knowledge of the power of Bitcoin, Modibe firmly believes that Bitcoin can solve real-world problems for “the formerly excluded masses” and it can open up opportunities for people around the world.

An expensive introduction

While studying at the University of Johannesburg, Modibe first heard about Bitcoin at the Robert Kiyosaki seminar on campus. “They wanted you to buy those dodgy packages of theirs, but I decided to learn about it on my own and get involved by myself without giving anyone money,” he told us about his experience at the seminar. 

Once he learned all that you could do with Bitcoin, Modibe started trading as a side hustle during his college years to help cover some of his tuition fees. “This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” he said as he reflected on his early Bitcoin days.

Bitcoin is for everyone

Modibe has seen first-hand how Bitcoin can improve lives. “Bitcoin is an equalizer. It offers people around the world the opportunity to get involved in the global economy without needing the permission of gatekeepers,” he said. With today’s advancing technology, anyone can use Bitcoin to do things that were “traditionally expensive or reserved for the 1%,” he shared.

Today, Modibe works for a company based in the US. He feels that this would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Bitcoin. When asked about what he would be doing if he hadn’t been introduced to Bitcoin, he said “I would have gone on to look for a job in the mining sector as a geologist.”

Mass adoption lies ahead

With new cryptocurrency regulations coming out weekly, Modibe looks forward to its mass adoption. “The masses will get involved in this ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of a decentralized financial system,” he said.