I believe in Bitcoin for…

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    With a newfound interest and appreciation for freedom and time preference, Paco found a way to merge two worlds: Bitcoin and travel.

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    Connecting with loved ones

    A retired mother learns about Bitcoin in her free time, and it's completely changed the way she handles her finances.

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    With more than 70% of adults in the Philippines navigating today's world without a traditional bank, James has set out to educate his community about the power of Bitcoin.

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    After facing financial troubles in his childhood, Asbel set out on a mission to do better for himself—using Bitcoin.

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    Bringing life

    In order to restore hope in communities everywhere, Yusuf harnessed the power of Bitcoin.

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    New beginnings

    A seasoned Bitcoin veteran shares her knowledge of profit making tips and tricks with her community and family.

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    New opportunities

    From unemployed to empowered, Hilary has found success in the Bitcoin world all thanks to his friends.

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    From his car to his everyday coffee, Andrey is making big financial moves—using only Bitcoin.

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    Creating new paths

    Fueled by his own research in the field, Hillary has climbed his way to the top by trading Bitcoin.

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    Faced with hardships due to COVID-19, Angela took a leap of faith and jumped into the Bitcoin pool. She hasn't looked back since.

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    While studying to become a geologist, Modibe was introduced to Bitcoin, changing his career path forever.

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    My community

    Because of a generous donation, Don and Isla Tasajera have received the gift of a lifetime.

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    A fresh start

    Moving from her home country to start over, Isabel discovered a new beginning with Bitcoin and is never looking back.

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    With her hunger for new financial opportunities, Nathaly was excited to learn about Bitcoin and what it could do for her community.

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    Planning my future

    With his pension depreciating, Alejandro turned to Bitcoin to create a new future for his finances.